Creations by Emi: TV Shows
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The Carol Duvall Show is a popular how-to crafts show on the Home and Garden (HGTV) cable TV channel. Emi has been a frequent guest on this show since 1997, demonstrating projects such as the following (episode number follows each project name):

Emi with Carol Duvall-- ACCI: Kimono, Doll, and Card, CDW-304
-- Polymer Clay Teapot, CDS-1242
-- Japanese Shadow Box, CDS-1232
-- Dragonfly Brooch, CDS-1158
-- Clay Kimono Pendant, CDS-1133
-- Rock Containers, CDS-1060
-- Clay and Paper Necklace, CDS-937
-- Clay Stamped Necklace, CDS-922
-- Clay and Fabric Brooch, CDS-828
-- Gilded Boxes, CDS-729
-- Book Pins, CDS-721
-- Boxes, CDS-721
-- Clay Box Necklace, CDS-823
-- Japanese Doll Pendant, CDS-726
-- Washi Creations, CDS-551
-- Faux Ivory Box, CDS-546
-- Washi Paper Ornaments, CDS-469
-- Fimo Kimono Pendant, CDS-464
-- Japanese Jewelry, CDS-460
-- Paper and Ribbon Kimonos, CDS-450
-- Ornamental Sushi, CDS-466
-- Sushi Necklace, CDS-1052
-- Faux Ivory Pendant, CDS-1537

You can find instructions for these projects and more on the HGTV Web site ( Search by "Emi Fukushima" in the Crafts/Collectibles category to display a list of her appearances and links to her project information.

Watch this Web site for notices of Emi's upcoming TV appearances!