Creations by Emi: Gallery
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Emi is constantly developing innovative polymer clay designs. She is well known for her creativity and meticulous attention to detail.

On occasion, some pieces may be available for purchase. Please contact Emi for current availability and pricing.

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Black and white teapot Teapot pendants
Persimmon pendant
(Click for detail)
Eggplant necklace
(Click for detail)
Sushi necklace/eyeglass holder
(Click for enlargement)
Mokume-gane necklace Manju eyeglass holders
(Click for detail)
Kimono pendant
Faux ivory boxes Black and white teapot II
Gingko leaf pendant Mokume-gane pendant Faux ivory pendant
Beaded zori earrings Inryo box pendants
Faux ivory brooch Geisha pendants